Honouring Space: Iltja Ntjarra/Many Hands Art Centre 2017

Parrtjima, a festival in Light, Alice Springs, Australia 2017. Artist, Mervyn Rubuntja from Iltja Ntjarra, Many Hands Art Centre. September 21, 2017. James Horan Photography for Tourism NT

Pmara Nunakanna Ntarterrah (Look After Our Country)*

Drawing inspiration from the historical Hermannsburg Church, Honouring Space evolved over the 10 nights of Parrtjima – A Festival in Light.

Honouring Space is presented in collaboration with Iltja Ntjarra/Many Hands Art Centre, which supports Hermannsburg School-style watercolour artists who paint in the tradition of their grandfather and relative, Albert “Elea” Namatjira. His ongoing legacy continues to assist the economy of the community as their painting honours country.

To honour the community, Parrtjima represented landscape paintings by artists Gloria Pannka and Mervyn Rubuntja in collaboration with Reinhold Inkamala, Vanessa Inkamala and Kathy Inkamala in windows suspended in the desert, as if viewing the landscape.

Pannka’s painting represented in the style of large-scale windows, as if looking out onto a landscape rendered in watercolour.

The remainder of the installation evolved over the 10 nights with artists returning to the Alice Springs Desert Park during the night to paint a scene especially for Parrtjima.

The artworks were displayed between two arches made by Aboriginal-owned social enterprise Tangentyere Constructions, which is based in Alice Springs.

Honouring Space was located at the Parrtjima Festival Precinct – Alice Springs Desert Park.

*This Western Arrarnta title was given to Parrtjima by the artists at Iltja Ntjara Many Hands Arts Centre. At the festival site, the original soundscape and information will include descriptions in Arrernte provided by a local Arrernte elder, Felicity Hayes, and an Apmereke-artweye for Mparntwe, Benedict Kngwarraye Stevens.

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