Grounded 2017

Apmere Melangke (There’s is no place like home)*

Become part of the art as you immerse yourself in the projection space of Grounded.

Grounded returned to Parrtjima – A Festival in Light to showcase a fresh crop of artworks by Ikuntji Artists Eunice Napanangka Jack and Gordon Butcher, and Arrernte Artists Patricia Ansell Dodds, Carol Turner and Greg McAdam, and Lindy Brodie from Barkly Regional Arts.

Using a powerful digital projection onto the desert sands, the sequence of works creates a giant, seamless canvas on country, accompanied by an atmospheric soundscape, welcomed to shine on the ground Mparntwe (Alice Springs) by one of the Traditional Owners (Apmereke-artweye) for the area.

Respected Arrernte people gave permission to display artwork by artists and arts centres from other areas on Arrernte country.

The audio and specialised projection equipment for Grounded is provided by the Aboriginal-owned Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association (CAAMA), as part of a three-year agreement to allow for a fully integrated audio-visual experience at Parrtjima. The partnership allowed local suppliers to take ownership of the spectacular installation; acquiring world class equipment and expertise and will see the implementation of a training program to develop a long-term crew of Aboriginal employees for events.

Grounded was located at the Parrtjima Festival Precinct – Alice Springs Desert Park.

*Arrernte titles were provided by respected senior Arrernte person, Kumalie Riley. At the festival site, follow the voice of Benedict Stevens, an Apmereke-artweye for Mparntwe, as he welcomes you to Mparntwe and gives his blessing to display these painting on Arrernte country, showing: ‘Everyone together, in this place.’

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