Light Installations

The site has been inspired by an artwork by Kumalie Kngwarraye Riley.

Kumalie’s groundwork is the central influence of Werte – based on the concentric and lineal work of the meeting place symbols so relevant to the Central Desert art styles. Audiences are taken on a journey through this meeting place created at Desert Park to experience Werte (pronounced Wood-da).

Gasp with admiration when you see the centrepiece; a giant glowing sphere, seven metres in diameter and suspended three metres in the air, which showcases Greg McAdam’s artwork, Grass Seeds.

From here branch off in different directions to explore the different spaces, which includes two more signature installations. Delight in Rachel Wallace’s Alatye (Bush Yam); reinterpreted into a dramatic four metre-high flower.

Representing the next generation of artists is Lachlan Dodds-Watson whose painting Emu Laying Eggs at Night will be transformed into a towering eight-metre high Emu. Painted in the style of his father’s work, the eggs of the artwork will encapsulate the colours of country and his home in Alice Springs.

Each light installation will be accompanied by a bespoke audio soundscape and light box that tells the story of the artwork and the artist, each space playing a role in the narrative of Werte.

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  • Parrtjima festival, Alice Springs, Australia. Artist Mervyn Rubuntja with his work Language of Change. 5/4/2019. Images courtesy Parrtjima / NTMEC

  • Language of Kin, Parrtjima festival, Alice Springs, Australia. 5/4/2019. Images courtesy Parrtjima / NTMEC