Grounded Kultcha

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Projection on to Country

Immerse yourself in the stories, symbols and knowledge of Aboriginal culture as you wander through a mesmerising animated sequence of curated artworks projected on to the sands of Alice Springs Desert Park.

A giant, seamless canvas on Country, this crowd favourite creates a playful and engaging experience for visitors both young and old.

Let the sand trickle through your fingers and discover how each of the seven artworks, by artists from three different art centres in the Central and Western Desert region, are brought to life.

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  • Stanley Nyayati - Grounded Kultcha

  • Carol Young - Grounded Kultcha

  • Daphne Marks - Grounded Kultcha

  • Francis Marschall - Grounded Kultcha

  • Jennifer Mintaya Connelly Ward - Grounded Kultcha

  • Maimie Nginytja Butler - Grounded Kultcha

  • Nora Nyutjangka Davidson - Grounded Kultcha