Artistic & Cultural Collaboration Process

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As one expression of an ever-adapting culture, the artworks featured in Parrtjima continue a tradition of using varying mediums and new ways of telling a story while continuing an ancient practice of listening to and ‘painting up’ country.” Rhoda Roberts AO – Parrtjima Curator

The journey from ‘painting up’ country to large-scale illuminated installations is a long one for Aboriginal artists from across the Central Desert region, and Parrtjima organisers.

This thoughtful, collaborative process, however, is what makes the festival event such a spectacular experience of culture, country, language, light and art for all to enjoy.

Artworks featured are curated individually or through an Expression of Interest which is sent out to over 40 Aboriginal art centres including artists from Arrernte, Luritja, Anmatyerre, Warlpiri and Pitjantjatjara Nations. Following the selection of artworks which are aligned to the installation concepts created by the Parrtjima team and the Parrtjima Festival Reference Group (PFRG) advises on the cultural appropriateness of the selected artists based on the story behind the installations.

Under the Artistic Vision of Parrtjima’s Curator Rhoda Roberts AO and creative directors and event producers AGB Events with cultural guidance from the PFRG, the chosen artworks are recreated into new mediums as large-scale illuminated installations, designed to inspire wonder, share knowledge and establish cultural respect.

Parrtjima – A festival in Light is an initiative of the Northern Territory Government and delivered by Northern Territory Major Events Company (NTMEC) that works in collaboration with AGB Events, creative directors and producers.

  • Parrtjima festival, Desert Park, Alice springs, Australia. 27/9/2018. Photo Credit James Horan Photos Courtesy Parrtjima Australia

  • Todd Mall, Parrtjima festival, Alice Springs, Australia. 7/4/2019. Images courtesy Parrtjima / NTMEC

  • Parrtjima, a festival in Light, Alice Springs, Australia 2017. September 22, 2017. James Horan Photography for Tourism NT

  • Artist Hannah Nungarrayi with her work Grounded, Parrtjima festival, Alice Springs, Australia. 5/4/2019. Images courtesy Parrtjima / NTMEC