Brainstorming Ideas

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Here are some guidelines to help you get started on your video.


  • How do you want to tell your story? Is it through dance, song, music, arts and craft, painting, emojis or clothes?
  • Who in your family practices different art or oral traditions? Can you capture any of these traditions in a new and fun way?
  • Create a dance or a play with friends, sing a song or play music to tell your story – you don’t have to speak in the video.
  • The video can be collaborative – ask friends to be part of your video and have fun.
  • The video could be you having a chat with your family, friends, someone you respect or admire, someone you work with or play sport with.
  • The video could be about where you live like Alice Springs Mparntwe. Think about:
    • How has it changed?
    • What does Country mean to you?
    • What do you like about growing up or being a kid where you live?
  • What brings you hope or is fun?
  • What do you like learning about when you’re with your family or community (knowledge)?
  • What makes you proud about your culture?
  • What does #FutureKultcha mean to you?


  • Use the camera on a mobile phone to film your video.
  • Have you tried using your favourite phone app to create your video? Why not try using these apps to film your video:
    • TikTok
    • Snapchat
    • Instagram
    • Facebook
  • Use a special camera feature or filter to make your video stand out.
    • Try slow motion or speeding up the video
    • Filters
    • Collages
    • Boomerangs


  • Make sure you watch the video before submitting it!
  • Check if the video can be heard clearly and watched clearly.
  • Can we see what is happening in the video or is it too dark or too bright?
  • Can we hear what is happening in the video or is it too quiet or too loud?
  • Does your video have any words, gestures or actions that mean we couldn’t play it in front of a family-friendly audience?
  • Make sure you have used at least one of the hashtags (#FutureKultcha #WeAreTheFutureKutlcha #Parrtjima2021). This can be in writing, as a caption or said out loud in the video. You must only edit the video using the smartphone it was recorded on.