Parrtjima respectfully acknowledges the past and present traditional owners and custodians of Mparntwe (Alice Springs area) and surrounding estates Antulye (Undoolya) and Irlpme (Bond Springs). We recognise the Apmereke-artweye and Kwertengerle as the senior custodians with the traditional rights to speak for these regions and honour the guidance, advice and blessings we have received.


Mission and values

Parrtjima aims to respectfully celebrate the vibrant local Aboriginal arts and culture by inspiring audiences and bringing together communities through world-class artistic light experiences.

The vision is to host a meeting place where the newest light and projection technologies create an experience of wonder and respect for the world’s oldest living culture, as expressed by local Aboriginal people through the art and stories they want to share. With their blessing and permission, this spectacular light show takes place on and around the 300-million-year-old canvas of the MacDonnell Ranges at the Alice Springs Desert Park.

The event takes the form of a large-scale outdoor light gallery. The aim of the event is to provide opportunities for connection to local culture; to enhance the profile of Northern Territory artists; create opportunities for and build the capacities of artists, arts centres and communities in the Northern Territory; and to draw people from all over the world to the unique and majestic location of Mparntwe (Alice Springs).



Parrtjima – A Festival in Light is a celebration of Central Australia’s rich Aboriginal cultures. Through ongoing consultation, we aim to present a breathtaking showcase of contemporary and traditional Indigenous art, culture and stories using light and sound on a grand scale.

The consultation process started in November 2015 and, since then, we have consulted and talked to many key organisations, Aboriginal groups and individuals.

Effective consultation is an ongoing process in which we strive for openness and equally balanced and accurate information. Over time, we learn. Throughout this process we have learnt to hear the different views and opinions on Aboriginal matters and respectfully accommodate all the learnings as best as possible.

We guarantee that this is an ongoing process with local apmereke-artweye (decision-makers) and kwertengerle (caretakers) as well as many connected community members.