Alice Springs Desert Park

Where the desert comes alive!

Our deserts are rich with life with thousands of stories to be explored.  Experience the spirit of a living culture; explore a vibrant botanic wonderland and get up close with outback animals and characters that epitomise the fun and adventurous spirit of the red centre.

Immerse yourself in the beauty and mystery of Australia's deserts as you wander through the ancient landscapes from dry river beds to dense woodlands full of life.  Experience the night during the day in the Nocturnal House and see animals once found in abundance across the desert.  Discover the diversity of desert plants. Be inspired by ancient living cultures and feel the spirit with local Aboriginal guides and try your hand at traditional methods.  Marvel at the energy and adrenaline of free flying birds as they saw through crystal blue skies.

You will leave with the Desert Park with new stories, skills and some of the secrets of the desert. Find out more here


Alice Springs Desert Park is only seven kilometres from the centre of Alice Springs.  Located on Larapinta Drive, the gateway to the West MacDonnell Ranges.

The Desert Park is the key feature of Parrtjima where the MacDonnell Ranges become the backdrop for a magical light show.

Throughout the day book a return transfer service with Alice Wanderer or phone (08) 8952 2111.  Alternatively, travel on the Hop on Hop off Bus, book with Tourism Central Australia or phone (08) 8952 5800.

If you are cycling join the bike path starting at Blain Street (off Larapinta Drive). Travel along the Larapinta Drive path from the town centre, turn at Blain Street (opposite the Diarama Village) where you will join the pathway with a total of 2.8km.

Alternatively, continue to travel along the Larapinta Drive path and join the Desert Park cycle path opposite Albrecht Oval with a 900m of sealed path bringing to the Desert Park entrance.

Get the bicycle and pedestrian path map (1.3 mb) to plan your journey. 


At the Desert Park guides share stories of the desert that will help you to appreciate and enjoy this beautiful landscape while you are travelling through it!

Our habitats are a snapshot of what you are going to see on your trip and a visit to the Desert Park will give you a wonderful background to what you will see on your journey.

The desert is vibrant and alive and at the park we are going to show you just how true this is.

No two days at the Alice Springs Desert Park are ever the same. As the season change, different plants dominate and different animals become active. There are so many stories to tell. On a typical day you can expect to:

  • learn how Aboriginal people find food or medicines in the desert and how to identify some of the important plants and animals they use at ‘Survival in the Desert’ at 11am
  • witness a free flying bird show at 10am and 3.30pm
  • discover clever adaptations of plants and animals which allow them to live in a dry environment at guide presentations
  • see endangered desert mammals and learn what is being done to save them in the Nocturnal House
  • stroll along a dry river bed and find out why the river red gums which line it are so important to animals
  • learn how to identify desert birds and how they fit into the web-of-life
  • catch a glimpse of the Centre’s history back through four and a half billion years.


Open 7.30am – 6pm daily

Recommend a minimum of 3-4 hour visit

Adults  $32

Children (5-15 years)  $16

Student/Concession  $22.50

Australia Senior  $25.50

Economy Family (1 Adult 2 Children) $54.50

Super Economy Family (2 adults and up to 4 children)  $87.00


Ask about a Day & Night Pass and save with day entry and Nocturnal Tour.



At night, come spotlighting with us on a Nocturnal Tour.

Look out for the Meeting Point near the Courtyard to join your guide. Your guide will lead you to the Mulga Walk, a large predator-proof enclosure located in the foothills of the MacDonnell Ranges.  Join your guide in small groups as you walk through a rich desert habitat full of life.  Stopping to spotlight endangered animals of Central Australia showcasing their natural behaviours.  Get up close to animals including bilby, echidna and mala. Finish the evening with light refreshments including coffee and cake with our expert team under the stars.


Departs Monday – Friday

7.30pm – 9pm

Adults  $45

Children (5-15 years)  $28.50

Limited numbers.  Bookings essential, call 8951 8788.

Alice Springs Desert Park - Nature Theatre Show
Alice Springs Desert Park - botanical wonderland
Alice Springs Desert Park - Thorny Devil
Alice Springs Desert Park - Immerse yourself in Aboriginal Culture
Alice Springs Desert Park - Nocturnal Tour