Key Organisations in Mparntwe

The following are the key Indigenous and non-Indigenous organisations that are from or operate from Mparntwe (Alice Springs):

  • Lhere Artepe Aboriginal Corporation  was formed in 2002 following the Federal Court decision that Native Title was recognised to exist within the Municipality of Alice Springs. The organisation now consists of 4 entities, each sharing a vision for a safer, tidier, culturally rich and sustainable Alice Springs. For more information
  • The Institute for Aboriginal Development (IAD)  Arrernte Elders groups provide cultural authority and legitimacy in the design, development and delivery of IAD services and programs to ensure that they merge traditional Aboriginal knowledge systems with mainstream standards. IAD has established stakeholder relationships with other organisations in order to increase the presence and prominence of the Elders group.
  • Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority  is an independent statutory authority established under the Northern Territory Aboriginal Sacred Sites Act. The Authority is responsible for overseeing the protection of Aboriginal sacred sites on land and sea across the whole of Australia’s Northern Territory.
  • Ngaanyatjarra Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Women’s Council Aboriginal Corporation - Their core purpose is to work with the women and their families of the Ngaanyatjarra Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara region in central Australia to increase their capacity to lead safe and healthy lives with improved life choices.
  • Tangentyere Council is the major service delivery agency for the 18 Housing Associations known as ‘town camps’ in Alice Springs. Tangentyere Council’s mission is to provide culturally sensitive, sustainable services and programs that foster the aspirations of the Alice Springs Town Camp communities in an innovative, effective and efficient manner and support the decisions made by those living in them.
  • Central Land Council is a representative body governed by 90 Aboriginal people elected from communities in the southern half of the Northern Territory.
  • Desart has been providing support services for art centres for the last twenty years. Desart provides a united voice for art centres and delivers programs that support the maintenance of strong governance and business practices, in addition to providing opportunities to market and promote art. Desart provides a conduit for broad engagement with remote art centres and has developed a national reputation for being a strong advocate to Governments and the broader arts industry, highlighting the unique position Aboriginal art centres hold in the national arts and cultural landscape, their successes, needs and challenges.
  • Strehlow Research Centre, is located within the Museum of Central Australia in Alice Springs. It manages one of the most important ethnographic collections of film, sound, archival records and objects relating to Indigenous ceremonial life found anywhere in the world.